fifteen minutes till apocalypse

time to say goodbye

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27 September 1993
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rhapsody blue ♥

sarah. japanese-macedonian. a bit too dramatic for comfort. listens to japanese boy bands who can only vaguely sing, as well as anything that is scraped up, generally from fanmixes. writer in practise. skins lover. general closet romantic. peter pan infatuation. in love with lyrical words, akanishi jin and laughing. searching for a pair of kadelidoscope eyes. chipped rockstar black fingernails. loves all of the crazy/beautiful at heart.

"it's gonna kill you in the end anyway. so what do you think we are made of, paper or snow or silver or gold? hell, i don't know and as long as it lasts it's not gonna show. now any mistake is a trapdoor into time and we've been blind. because that's what it makes us, that's how it breaks us, it's such a cliché. but name it, i'll take it.”

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love makes me strong.

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